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Our Journey


We started out with Price Right Ltd on August 13, 2001 in Marsh Harbour, Abaco, supplying all the necessary grocery products needed to the community. Upon opening the store, we were the first on the Island to install and utilize checkout scale/scanners to aid in speedy checkout for our customers.

After a successful five years of opening Price Right, Price Right Ltd bought Solomon Brother’s (June 2006) in Marsh Harbour and renamed it “Maxwell’s Supermarket.” We offered more variety than we could at Price Right due to space limitations.

Maxwell’s Supermarket allowed customers to shop comfortably in the store and carried more than just grocery items. We started carrying certain household items, electronics, and other accessories. Unfortunately, a fire started in the store one night in June of 2008, completely burning down the store and leaving nothing to salvage.

This did not hinder the company as a new Maxwell’s Supermarket was promised to the community to be rebuilt bigger and better than before. Also in this timeframe, we opened Save-A-Lot in April of 2009, making this our wholesale store.

In November of 2009, Price Right Ltd merged with Sawyer’s Soft Drinks and Sawyer’s Soft Drinks was relocated to Save-A-Lot where it still remains.

In the meantime of opening Save-A-Lot and the merger, the new Maxwell’s Supermarket was in the works and by August 2010, the new store was finally opened. The store size went from the old Maxwell’s store size of 28,000sq ft to the new store size of 45,000sq ft.

Our newly built Maxwell’s Supermarket was, as promised, bigger and better than before, providing a new and improved shopping experience for our customers, not only with shopping but parking as well. The layout of the new store allows for customers to move freely around the store, without worrying about blocking aisles and long lines at the register since we have nine registers available. Our sound system also gives our customers a relaxing atmosphere to shop.

We added a full deli department, allowing our customers to select their choice of meats and cheeses at the counter. Also added to the store was a gourmet and specialty food section providing new and requested items to our customers. We expanded our household items to offer more to our customers, including dishes, towels, comforter sets, and much more. We have a full Health and Beauty section, a variety of Produce (including organic items), and offer more electronics than the old store. Don’t forget to stop in on your way to work in the mornings or on your lunch break to pick up our freshly cooked items to go!

In 2017 we launched Maxwells Home Department located adjacent to Maxwells Supermarket. We are proud to offer a full inventory of furniture, appliances and home accessories. We offer a wide range of in stock items for all decor styles and price ranges. We offer trucking to your home, business or freight provider. 

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